Are these classes only for pregnant ladies?

No, no. no, no...Luna classes and CorePlay classes are NOT suitable for pregnant ladies but I do run classes just for pregnancy


How do I book a class?

Go to the 'How to book' on this website and pick the class and ideal time and date you would like to start. Pick Vicki Stewart as your teacher. Answer a short health questionnaire and pay your deposit to secure your place and I'll start you as close to the date you have asked as possible.

What if I work shifts or I'm going on holiday?

I keep my classes quite small and I need to be sure who will be there each week so there are mats set up and there is plenty space so I can't carry over classes and classes do need to be used in consecutive weeks BUT don't worry in my private Facebook group (which you will receive an invite to) there will be a link to a new recorded class every single week. This will be available on catch up for 6 days for you to watch as many times as you want! 

What Do I Need To Bring?

A mat for sure, a blanket & pillow is lovely and suggested for Savasana and if you think you may need one a yoga block and strap can help with some moves. Please also bring a bottle of water and wear some lose comfortable clothes. 

Why do I need to complete a health questionnaire?

We ask all yogis to complete health questionnaires and to make our teachers aware of any pre-existing health conditions or ailments so that we can tailor any postures to your condition or in extreme cases, advise against practice. Our certified teachers are experts in their field and can help with any pre-existing health conditions. It is your responsibility to update your teacher if your health conditions change.

If I miss a class can I get a refund?

You book a block of classes together as they are all an important part of your journey and learning. If you miss an individual class in this block, it cannot be carried over or refunded. The reason for this is we keep the classes small and need to keep count of how many people we can fit in each session. If you miss a class you have booked, we cannot give that single class to someone else as it has been reserved for you.

If you attend a pregnancy class and if you become ill ongoing during your pregnancy, or if there is some other reason you can’t continue the classes, please call your teacher and we can arrange a refund for you or for you to rebook at a later date or transfer to another class for you  The teacher can only refund from when you have given them notice.

If you are attending one of our prenatal classes and you go into labour or decide you cannot continue towards the end of your pregnancy, we will be happy to offer a refund from the date that you let us know  For all cancellations, a minimum 3 days notice is required.

YogaBellies for Pregnancy - Are the classes just to 'keep fit' during pregnancy?

Not at all – although we cover a full range of suitable pregnancy postures, we also cover breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy and childbirth. You also receive a YogaBellies Birth Pack and a self-hypnosis dowload to help you relax during pregnancy and birth. It’s a lovely way to meet similar minded new mums to be! We recommend that you begin YogaBellies for Pregnancy from 10 - 12 weeks gestation.

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